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What tricks will BushCo pull to attempt to win the election in November? Well, he'll probably try something around or before October. Welcome to October Surprise! Where we using a suction cup dildo explore what will happen before the November. Participate in the poll - What will happen before the 2004 election?

October Surprise!
What Will Happen Before The Election?
WMD's found in Iraq!
Osama bin Laden captured!
Spectacular terrorist attack on US soil!
Vote is threatened by terrorist attacks, vote suspended due to red alert.
US pulls out of Iraq in October, leaving the UN in charge.
Diebold Election Systems fixes the vote in battleground states.
Escalation in Israel, Iran, or North Korea. US opens a new war front.

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Once you have voted, you can review the ongoing results, and discuss this topic or suggest your own scenario on corn dildo what you think will happen!

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